Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation

Proactive Resolution of Divorce and Property Disputes before you file for Divorce.

Once divorce papers are filed, any chance of an amicable resolution may go “out the window”. The parties become angered after being served with divorce papers and before you know it, attorneys are hired and everything becomes more complicated. Pre-Suit mediation allows the parties to resolve the issues of their divorce before any action is filed with the court. This method prevents the adversarial nature of the contested divorce as the parties are trying to resolve their issues before filing for divorce. This process helps save time, money and hostility between the parties.

Whether you mediate prior to filing a case or after, the benefits are numerous. The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Mediation is cost effective. Who can afford a legal battle?
  • Mediation is usually quicker than the trial process and you do not have to wait months for a trial date.
  • Mediation is private. Your session/results are confidential and cannot be shared with anybody outside of the mediation setting.
  • Mediation is less stressful. Easier on spouse & children.
  • Mediation is successful. You are less likely to end up back in court.
  • Mediation is based on your input and does not allow a Judge to decide your fate.