Family Law

Family law • Alimony • Paternity • Divorce • Child Support • Custody • Modification of Court Orders • Spousal Support • Division of Assets • Parental Rights • Motions for Contempt • Time Sharing • Temporary Custody

divorce, child support, custody, alimony, family lawEmotions can run high when a family is facing change. From the anxiousness of child custody to child support and alimony, family law touches on all our emotions. But make no mistake, the state has no emotion when it comes to the enforcement of the law.

Poor planning could see the bulk of your estate going to Tallahassee instead of your children. Try to do-it-yourself and you could be taken to the cleaners in a divorce… Paternity could be challenged… You could lose custody… Changing circumstances could require a change in child support, alimony and time-sharing…

You deserve the same level of advocacy that the state receives. Remember, the state has an army of lawyers on call 24/7. Don’t go into court alone.

Whether it’s divorce, child support, child custody or alimony; the experienced family law attorneys at Sacks & Sacks can help you focus on the big picture. We are here to protect your rights, provide calm from the emotional turmoil, and let you know there is truly someone on your side…

Separation Agreement: There is no such thing as a legal “separation” in Florida. However, the parties can “Petition for Separate Maintenance” which allows the man and woman to live separately without being divorced.

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