Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce completed from $750 includes documents for both parties. Call (904) 396-5557 now to set-up your free initial consultation and find out about all your options.

In Florida, an “uncontested divorce” is when both sides agree. This type of divorce filing is the fastest, most affordable divorce in Florida. This saves you the cost and time involved in a trial, depositions, witnesses ect. Uncontested divorce is also known as a “simplified dissolution of marriage” in Florida.

How much does a Florida Divorce cost?

Remember, our attorney fee includes notary fee and a court appearance with you. Other places may try to tack these items on as additional fees.

Uncontested, no property, no children $750
Fastest, most inexpensive Florida divorce. At Sacks & Sacks P.A. we can often get you in and out of court in as little as 20 days. Paperwork for both parties prepared by your attorney, not a paralegal. Includes 3 required documents, notary charge and court appearance with you. Plus court filing fees.

Uncontested, no children, with property
starting at $850
Payment plan available. You both agree on the division of property. Includes 4 court documents, notary charge and court appearance with you. Paperwork for both parties prepared by your attorney, not a paralegal. Plus court filing fees.

Uncontested with property and children
Parenting class included, if required through Feb 28, 2015
starting at $999
Payment plan available. Includes 7 court documents prepared for you, notary charge and court appearance with you. When children are involved, the State of Florida requires a brief, inexpensive “parenting class.” Both agree on the division of property and co-parenting responsibilities. Paperwork for both parties prepared by your attorney, not a paralegal. Plus court filing fees.

• What is “property” in a divorce case? “Property” is any asset acquired during the marriage. However, you can generally work out an agreement between parties so you may qualify for the fastest, most inexpensive uncontested divorce. Contact us for a free initial consultation to see how you may qualify.

• Who are “children” in a divorce case? Children born or adopted into the marriage and under the age of 18. If still in high school, a 19-year-old is often still considered a “child” by the courts if the child will graduate on or before their 19 birthday. Generally, if your children have graduated high school, they are no longer considered “children” for the sake of divorce.

• How long does it take? Your paperwork is generally complete within 3 days and ready to be filed. Due to his knowledge and expertise, Mr. Sacks can often get a convenient court date after the required 20 day waiting period. Everything depends on the judge’s schedule.

Every divorce case is different. Your case deserves personal attention from an experienced divorce lawyer. Please call (904) 396-5557 for your free initial consultation or use the contact form on the left. After hours call or text Adam Sacks at (904) 635-9355 or Melanie Sacks at (904) 614-1632 for immediate attention. We are not allowed to use our phones in court, but messages are returned promptly. At Sacks & Sacks you will speak to an attorney-owner from beginning to end of your case. Our document preparation is 100% Guaranteed. Flexible payment plans are available.

uncontested divorce means going your own way

Sometimes it’s best to travel your own road.

We can complete and prepare to file your Florida uncontested divorce documents within a few days after receipt of your completed information.

This low-cost attorney fee includes all consultation, legal advice, document preparation, notary service and court appearance. You receive personal attention from your attorney at all times; by phone, email or in person. In an uncontested divorce, our low fee includes documents for both parties. No other lawyer is needed. Court filing fees and required classes are not included. Please call the Duval Clerk of Courts (904) 255-2000 to verify your court filing fee.

Saturday, Sunday, evening and holiday appointments are available. Flexible payment plans can work within your budget. We accept major credit cards. Payment plans are available.

Divorce scams to watch out for:

• “Document Production” firms: These are not attorneys and can not represent you in court. You will face a judge alone. Use at your own risk. They advertise very low rates on Google. We do a lot of work fixing the mistakes made by these button-pushers.
• “Hidden Fees and Charges” Sometimes the price they quote is not what they charge. Make certain there are no additional charges for notary fees, court appearance, copying, courier, etc.
• “Assembly line” or “divorce mill” law firms: Interns do all the work and you never speak to a lawyer. Characterized by hard sell tactics when you call or visit. Always feel free to ask who will actually do all the paperwork and appear in court with you.
• Finally, if anyone tells you that you do not need to appear in court, they are wrong. In Jacksonville, the judge must see you and your ID to confirm that the right people are getting divorced.

Client Reviews

This month is the 2nd time this firm has represented me. On both matters they have gone above and beyond to get the job done. The attorneys, assistants, and staff are a very professional and knowledge!

I am so thankful for Mr. Sacks. His quick and thorough thinking and professional approach in the courtroom has produced great results in our case. I believe he is one of the best attorneys in the Jacksonville area. He also made it known that my child’s needs and feelings are not priority in the other party’s lives. He is truly fighting for my child, and he knows it. He is not one to be run over in the courtroom, but also in respectful and professional.

I hired Adam Sacks to represent me for my Divorce. Adam was very compassionate and understanding. He had a great knowledge of the law. I enjoyed a very favorable resolution to my case. I would highly recommend Adam for any of your legal needs!

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