Your Life After Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a truly difficult decision to make. You have tried to take responsibility for your situation and your finances for a long time and things may not be really getting any better. Don’t let your efforts to rectify your financial situation be undone by late fees, high interest rates and all the other fees that creditors manage to pile on top of the money that you really owe them.

At Sacks & Sacks, P.A, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you see the better future that you deserve. Our extensive skill in bankruptcy allows us to provide our clients with the most solid footing possible upon which they can begin building the next chapter of their life. Let us help you get a fresh start.

Life After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Following your discharge from Chapter 7 bankruptcy you will be without the burden of your unsecured debts. This will free you to begin applying your energies toward building a new and solid record of credit use. Additionally, the debtor education classes that are part of the bankruptcy process can aid you as you work to rebuild your credit score.

Life After Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

After successfully completing the repayment plan that is part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, most if not all of your unsecured debts may be completely discharged and you should be current again on your secured debts such as your home. The absence of unsecured debt and the fact that you are current on your secured debt is a solid foundation upon which you can begin building a positive credit report again.

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